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National Specialty
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ASDI's 2001 Specialty - Colorado

by Henry Ballester

On Saturday, July 21, 2001, ASDI held this years National Specialty at the Boulder Fairgrounds in Longmont, Colorado. Nestled in a scenic valley a mile high beneath the magnificent Rocky Mountain State park's 11, 760 foot Mt. Estes, this snow capped vista offered a visibly spectacular memory.

2001 Specialty 2001 Specialty

A small but spirited group of participants arrived with their Anatolian Shepherd entrants coming from a variety of locations around our country including Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Florida and of course, Colorado.

2001 Specialty

The ASDI National Specialty was judged by Judge Sonja Ostrom and won by GR CH Huzur's Cesaret (Josie), shown by Holly Ballester and owned by Holly Ballester and Betty Hayward. Congratulations to Josie, who has also been UKC's Number One Top Ten Show Dog for 3 years in a row.

The day before the Specialty, the High Plains Dog Club hosted 2 UKC shows. The first Anatolian Best of Breed judged by Judge Frances Geiger was awarded to very handsome M.A.Tuhaf Savasci, shown by Randy Stickney and owned by Donna and Randy Stickney.

At the Specialty show, the following placements were given by Judge Sonja Ostrom:

Conformation Winners
Best of Breed

GR CH Huzur's Cesaret
owned by
Holly Ballester and
Betty Hayward


Sakandar's Tokla
owned by
Randy and
Donna Stickney

2001 Specialty

A highlight of the weekend was watching ASDI's 2 lovely Junior Handlers showing off their beautiful dogs. First place went to a very professional Courtney Sheldon with her dog Megan and second place went to Alisha Stickney with Sihri. This was Alisha's first time in the ring and she did a super job. Congratulations to both girls!

2001 Specialty

A final note: a couple of things were learned at this year's Specialty.

Special thanks to our wonderful judge, Sonja Ostrom and to Karen Massa and Holly Ballester who put the show together. And thanks to all the Anatolian owners who brought their magnificent dogs (pintos, fawns, reds short coat, long coat - all were represented) and to all those future owners who came to inquire and learn about the breed.

Show site
INDOORS at the Boulder Fairgrounds
(indoors and air-conditioned)
9595 Nelson Road, Longmont, Colorado

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