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Leader of the Pack:
How to Take Control of Your Relationship with Your Dog
by Nancy Baer and Steve Duno

AND ..... support the Adoption of a Cheetah Conservation Fund Anatolian Shepherd at the same time!

UPDATE... see our CCF sponsorship page!

About this book

Several Anatolian breeders and owners endorse this book for helping the new owner better understand how the owner and family's behavior can potentially create behavioral problems. Foresight is a good preventative approach. The book presents benelovent guidelines to leadership in light of the social context of dog and human partners. While the book is not specific to Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs) or their independent natures, the general problem solving and social leadership pointers give helpful examples of the general gist of this approach.

Picture of the cover and text from the back of the book

Leader of the PackLeader of the Pack

When you're on a walk does your dog pull you?
Do you serve your dog dinner before you eat your own?
Does your dog sleep in bed with you?
Does your dog steal possessions and then play keep-away?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may have
unknowingly handed over the title of "leader of the pack" to your dog. And it's time to take it back. Experienced animal behaviorists Nancy Saer and Steve Duno demonstrate that dogs, like their wolf cousins, are essentially pack animals and need to establish dominance. In this practical, straightforward training book you will learn how to take a firm lead and the specific steps required to eliminate the aggressive attitude of your dog. No matter what kind of dog you have, the real life examples and simple, nonconfrontational exercises in Leader of the Pack will help both of you live happily ever after.

  How to take charge
  Why treating your dog as an equal can get both of you in trouble
  Why hitting your dog is futile
  What are the right and wrong ways to walk your dog
  How to initiate behavior and give only earned praise
  How to selectively limit the dog's freedom of movement
  How to feed a food-aggressive dog
  How to prevent your dog from jumping up, leaning, or stepping on your feet
  And much more!

ISBN: 0061010197, Softcover, 137 pages

ASDI is pleased to offer this new book not only at a reduced price, but also as a fundraiser for the CCF Livestock Guardian Dog Program.

The Cheetah Conservation Fund’s Anatolian Guard Dog Adoption Program!

$500.00 will pay for the raising, feeding, and vaccinating of an Anatolian along with training for the farmer to whom the guard dog will be given.
(CCF Anatolian info
here & adoption info here - links open a new page)

Profits from sales of the book through the club  will be pooled toward the support of a sponsored Anatolian.

To see the progress on this project, go HERE

We have another book to support the fund:

Livestock Protection Dogs: Selection Care and Training - buy it here and support the Cheetah Conservation fund!

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Leader of the Pack

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