Asa with her goats

Photo above won the 2001 Calendar contest:

2001 Calendar
Photo Contest Winner!

Asa's Story

Asa was a problem puppy who chased goats and pulled on their tails. She was kept chained while her family was gone during the day and was only let out with the goats during chore time or when the family could keep an eye on her. This family also bred Champion Jack Russell Terriers. The last straw for Asa was when she chomped on Biscuit, their prize Jack Russell. Biscuit had gotten too close to Asa's charge which provoked Asa to do what her breed is all about, protecting her charge. Asa was put up for adoption through an email chain. In the mean time, Marsh and I were looking for a friend and helper for our Anatolian female when we received the email. We prodded the family for more information, especially on personality traits. Asa settled into our farm as if she had been here forever. She has not shown aggression except when she feels her goats are in danger. We have been extremely pleased with Asa!

By Jana Hager
Heavens Little Acres

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