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Sponsored Puppy with CCF in Namibia, Africa


Dec 11, 2006- Another $500 has been reached, thanks to all the support from the community for the CCF sponsorship program. A photo of a puppy and a new certificate was issued.

CCF Puppy CCF 2006 Certificate

CheetahMarch 8. 2005- We have again reached GOAL! Another $500 has been raised for CCF for the sponsorship of a second Anatolian Guardian dog. Included with our sponsorship packet and certificates from CCF, this time we also received this adorable photo of a young cheetah at right. 

September 10, 2004- We have reached GOAL on sponsorship of one Anatolian puppy via your support of our book sales and through your donations to this project.

To see the current status on the drive for our second sponsorship, please see the sponsorship account page here.

Profits of all books sold through our CCF Project continue to be put aside toward the sponsorship of another CCF project Anatolian. CCF is the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

Our book selection includes


Certificates from CCF

Below, we include a copy of the letter from Laurie Marker which came with the sponsorship package. Laurie is the Director and Founder of CCF. Also see a copy of the beautiful "Certificate of Adoption". Select each of the images to enlarge. A photo of an Anatolian puppy working with CCF is part of the sponsorship packet. A copy of the photo is located at the top of this page.

Letter from CCF- Laurie Marker    Certificate of Sponsorship CCF Anatolian Puppy

Ways you can help sponsor another working Anatolian Shepherd Dog with the CCF

  • Send a donation to this ongoing fund. (You can use the Donation option of  our PayPal link)

  • Purchase books from our CCF project or recommend these books (see book links above) to others and ask them to purchase their books from our web site.

  • Share this page with others who may have an interest in this project - From those interested in Anatolians or other livestock guardian and working dogs, to those with interest in sustainable agriculture, wildlife conservation and the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

  • More information about the Anatolian Shepherd Dogs at the Cheetah Conservation Fund website.

Thank you for your support!


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