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Code of Ethics


The purpose of the ASDI, Inc. Code of Ethics is to provide guidelines to its members to aid in fulfilling the objectives of the Club which are outlined in the Club Constitution.

Each member should:

1. Consider the welfare of the breed when engaged in any activities involving Anatolian Shepherd Dogs, including but not limited to, breeding, exhibiting, selling and placement, and refrain from any activities which would be prejudicial to the best interest of the breed and Anatolian Shepherd Dogs International, Inc..

2. Learn about the breed, its characteristics, the FCI Breed Standard and other pertinent information so as to further the advancement of the breed through the education of others without misrepresentation of the qualities of the breed.

3. Practice responsible ownership and display good sportsmanship in all activities involving Anatolian Shepherd Dogs.

4. Not make false or misleading statements about the dogs or character of any member who meets the standards of ASDI, Inc. Code of Ethics.

Each member that breeds a litter should:

1. Breed with the goal of producing balanced dogs of exceptional quality, that are physically and mentally sound, to preserve the working instincts of the Anatolian without exaggeration of type, size, aggressiveness or any other physical or mental attribute for any purpose. Be aware of the weaknesses and strengths of any dog or bitch, and of its parents and siblings, if possible, before considering the animal for breeding stock.

2. Avoid breeding from any stock having unstable dispositions or displaying behavior that would not reflect credit on the breed as livestock guardian dogs. Avoid breeding an unhealthy animal, one that has a serious defect or deviation from the breed standard, or one with any serious inherited problem requiring corrective surgery or medication to correct or control. Encourage spaying or neutering of puppies or adult Anatolians that are not of breeding quality.

3. Breed only from those Anatolians whose hips have been radiographed after 24 months of age and certified clear of hip dysplasia by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) or Genetic Disease Control registry (GDC) and include the OFA or GDC number and rating in all advertising with Choban Chatter. Encourage all new owners to seek OFA or GDC certification of their Anatolians.

4. Not inbreed dogs, nor practice or knowingly abet crossbreeding or inbreeding.

5. Not engage in over-breeding of bitches for profit. Not breed any bitch more often than once per year or two out of three consecutive heat seasons, and then only if she is in robust health. Consider the local market for the puppies, be prepared to properly care for any that are not sold for several months.

6. Keep accurate records on all stock, breedings, sales, and registrations. Honestly depict stock in all advertising and sales. Be prepared to advise or instruct new owners with their dogs or to refer them to specialists when necessary.

7. Guarantee replacement or reimbursement to the owner if the breeder has produced a dog that develops any serious inherited defect. Be prepared to take back misplaced dogs.

Any Puppy or Dog Placed by a Member Shall:

1. Be clean, healthy, immunized and at least 8 weeks old. Its health record and a three generation pedigree (if known) provided to the suitable, qualified owner. The new owner should be informed about the idiosyncrasies of the breed and of the particular dog.

2. Not be raffled, sold through a broker, or other commercial means, or be surrendered to any animal shelter.

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