Watching a Growing Anatolian Puppy

Anatolians are not the ideal dog for everyone. They often don't make very good pets if one doesn't have flexible expectations.And... they grow up FAST!

Chelik Featured puppy is Rich Luke's Chelik

Puppies like to play but sometimes their idea of a 'good game' is quite different from our own. Some Anatolians will humor their person by playing fetch games -- at least, until some point at which many Anatolians give up on the futility of forever retrieving an item that their person insists on throwing away!

Chelik Furniture privileges, demonstrated by Chelik.

Don't forget that when an Anatolian comes into your life, they need a lot of commodities approaching KING SIZE. Which means, that if you plan to be in a car with your Anatolian and you hope to be able to do the driving, there's got to be enough room for both of you - you might even have to buy a different car than the one you own. Sharing a car is one thing, but not everyone appreciates their dogs on the furniture. Don't start breaking your own rules then expect to backtrack later. Be consistent about privileges. As long as the people and the Anatolian are consistent with their rules and the right pack members are in charge, decisions on what the Anatolian can do, when in the house, can be highly individual.

Chelik "Some of us have cell phones too." - Chelik

All of us spoil our dogs to some extent. Some Anatolians like to watch TV with their person, especially those shows which have other dogs or animals in them. Some dogs don't especially care to be indoors for much time at all, preferring to be on guard at some vantage point outside. Guarding instinct is part of Anatolian character but the degree of hard or softness that it manifests may develop over the years. Even though your Anatolian may be over 100 pounds or more at 2 years, he's still on the immature side.

Chelik Chelik on guard!

Ideally, anyone having an Anatolian needs to have secure fencing. Living out in the country doesn't change this option and having livestock doesn't either. Anatolians are notorious roamers, as their heritage as guardians of the flock predisposes them to wanting to know what goes on at the perimeters of the boundaries. While in the high regions of Turkey, they could roam with their herds as needed, in most other countries, including the USA, there really are are no longer free-ranging herds for our dogs to guard. This means that the dog's instinct to guard needs to be managed by the owner.

Chelik Growing up strong and handsome!

Some Anatolians are guardy quicker than others. Some seem to like most everyone, until they decide on their own that something is suspicious. They can bark quite a bit if not given guidelines for barking. The best way to do this is to be a good shepherd and acknowledge your dog's bark, THEN tell him; okay, that's enough. With patience, this seems to work with most Anatolians but may take a month or so of lost sleep on your part, if the barking is at night. If your Anatolian lives in the house, then keeping him inside at night will reduce barking in the yard. Remember, they are first, and formost, guardian dogs, so things that seem unusual or new will tend to trigger them.

Chelik Guarding is HARD work, I'm not a morning person!

Whether your Anatolian lives with you in your home or lives outside with his flock, please remember that these dogs take a long time to mature. A puppy needs to be guided through all the routines that happen each season. Don't expect your dog to generalize the routines until a few seasons are under his belt. Adolescence is an especially difficult time for your dog. His breed instincts are kicking in and so are his growth hormones. Be kind and fair and your partnership with your Anatolian will be a successful one!

Rich with our star! Chelik! Meet Rich and Chelik!

Not so little any more

(Thanks to Rich Luke and Chelik!)

- Janice

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