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Recommended reading:

Ancona, George, Sheep Dog. New York, 1985. (Juvenile literature - describes different breeds of working sheep dogs and their importance to the sheep industry.)

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Hancock, Col. David, The Heritage of the Dog, pp. 42-44, Nimrod Press Ltd., 1990. (Discusses Anatolian Shepherd, lauding functionality over frivolity.) See book review.

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Sims, David E. & Dawydiak, Orysia, Livestock Protection Dogs, OTR Publications, 1990. (Livestock guardian breeds, their selection and training.) We have the revised book available from this web site

USDA, Livestock Guarding Dogs: Protecting Sheep from Predators, Agriculture Information Bulletin No. 588, 1993 (Selection, rearing, and management of a livestock guardian dog.)


Other Sources of information:

World Wide Web

Livestock Guardian Dog Web site

Internet Mailing List

This is a mailing list specifically for Anatolian fanciers, owners and prospects regarding issues and concerns about Anatolians, general information on the breed, rescue issues, and friendly chat.

This is a multi-breed mailing list about the Livestock Guardian Dog breeds, with particular emphasis on Livestock protection but also dealing with a large number of issues and concerns including rescue. There are also many non-livestock owners on the list who share a common interest in the preservation of correct LGD character on this list.

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