Information on Searching Mailing List Archives
this information pertains specifically to LGD-L
but can help for searches for other lists such as Anatolian-L which are also served by L-Soft Listserver software

Past archives of this list are called LOGS and are available to subscribers of the list. LOGS are stored on a weekly basis and information on those is included with the welcome file.

There are TWO ways to get the LGD-L archives.
One by using your web browser, and the other by email.

By the Web:

By Email: Follow the directions below

NOTE: All commands below go to the LISTSERV@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM address!

To retrieve a weekly LOG, send in the command

GET <listname> LOGYYMMx

where YY = the year, MM = the month, and x is the week of the month, from a to e. For example, the first week in January 1997 would be LOG9701a
The variable <listname> is substituted with the name of the list: LGD-L or Anatolian-L for examples.

A list of the archives available can be retrieved by sending in the command

INDEX <listname>


Here's the fun part:

You can also search the archives for certain words if you want previous posts that mention something specific. The command is

SEARCH 'searchstring' in <listname>

but replace the word searchstring with whatever text you want to search for.

Here is a sample search for the word 'spanish mastiff' that is returned from the server:

> search 'spanish mastiff' in LGD-L
-> 52 matches.

Item # Date Time Recs Subject
------ ---- ---- ---- -------
000002 95/09/17 23:30 410 Latest revision of the Welcome MSG
000286 95/10/18 02:48 35 Re: Seeking the Pyrenean Mastiff
000335 95/10/19 10:26 28 Re: Seeking the Pyrenean Mastiff
000573 95/11/03 13:35 30 Okay, so I'm being pushy...
000620 95/11/04 16:47 247
000629 95/11/05 10:05 251 Introduction to LGD's

The server will return to you ALL listings where the 'search string' has occurred. Realize that sometimes the search string could be in someone's sig ---- and if they've posted a hundred times... <G>

example or what search will return: _______________________________________________________________________

>>> Item #286 (18 Oct 1995 02:48) - Re: Seeking the Pyrenean Mastiff
PS - I just received a call from an all-breed rescue; they took in an
owner-released Spanish Mastiff. Ellen says it looks like a smaller
Anatolian, fawn with a dark mask. She thinks she has a placement for her as

[truncated --- followed by other Item # and their quotes]

You can pick the posts that you want to dig out by looking at the context in which the string was posted. Don't forget that sometimes a string may have 'ben mspelled' and that may be the string that you won't be able to find this way, unless you 'know' that it is there. <G>

You can customize your search with wild cards and correct SYNTAX<!>:

Search 'spanish' in LGD-L since 97/01/01
Search 'alpaca' in LGD-L where sender contains 'janice'
Search * in LGD-L where sender is
Search * in LGD-L since 96/12/18 where subject contains 'Digest'

Customizing your wildcard searches as above may dramatically reduce the number of 'hits' you get back. You could end up with a HUMONGOUS and not very useful return if you are not careful with your wildcards.

If you are not really computer savvy, you will probably hit on a learning curve here. heeheee..... ;)

Okay, once you got your searches, you can send for the ones you want with the command:

GETPOST LGD-L 2 286 335 573 620 629

Where the numbers correlate to the Item# of the postings summarized to you.

Have fun, :)

Principal Listowner
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