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Salad Fork Ranch

Action Photos.. Action Photos..

Welcome to my Turkish breeding males!


Tosun (Turkish Import)
Turkish Import
1 1/2 years old

Kizil Hansan (Red)
Kizil Hasan (Turkish Import)
Hips: OFA Good ANS-1634G25M-VPI

Sire: Suller
Dam: Eda

My Stud Dogs


Karabas Gandolf (Turkish Import)
Karabas Gandolf
Turkish Import
OFA Hips "Good" ANS-1105G26M-NOPI
UKC and ASDCA registered

Sire: Maras (In Turkey)
Dam: Seyet (In Turkey)

"Itsi" is now living with his owner, Guvener Isik, in England. Thank you, Isik, for letting me enjoy Itsi for several years.


My Breeding Females


Salad Fork Katie Elder “Katie”
Salad Fork Katie Elder “Katie”
OFA hips "Excellent" (ANS-1590E26F-PI)

Sire: Caatskill’s Once Again (OFA hips "Good")
Dam: Salad Fork Nickle (OFA hips "Good")

Salad Fork White Sands (Sandy) OFA Excellent
Salad Fork White Sands "Sandy"
OFA hips "Excellent" (ANS-1317E26F-NOPI)
UKC and AKC registered

Sire: Clearlake Time On My Side (OFA hips "Good")
Dam: Salad Fork Artimus (OFA hips "Good")

~ See "Cabby" below. Our future breeding female...


The Next Generation



Sire: Karabas Gandolf
Dam: Salad Fork Katie Elder

SFCabby-sm.jpg (74967 bytes)
Salad Fork Cabazon “Cabby”
female born Feb. 8, 2012
OFA Good ANS-1687G26F-NOPI
~ See both parents on this page and below~

Sire: Karabas Gandolf (OFA "Good") -right
Dam: Salad Fork White Sands (OFA "Excellent") -left

The dogs enjoy socializing!
gandolf-sandy-sis.jpg (145505 bytes)
with Cabby below
gandolf-cabby-sandy-sis.jpg (140811 bytes)



Some of our Recent Pups

Salad Fork recent pups

Salad Fork recent pups

Salad Fork recent pups


In Memory of
PR Hisar Adad

November 24, 1994
July 19, 2007


Dad and Granddad of my 3rd and 4th Generation Anatolians.
Bred by Natalka Czartoryska in England, one of the first people to bring Anatolians back from Turkey.


Ranch Raised with Livestock for dispostion and soundness.
* Bred for soundness, temperament and working ability*

Puppies and Adult Working dogs Available

Salad Fork Ranch
Carol Oleksak
Box 142
San Ysidro, NM 87053

For more information about our puppies
and adult working dogs:
(505) 867-4426

We are ASDI Code of Ethic Breeders [ Signer of ASDI Code of Ethics ]

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