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Using and Posting

When you post to LGD-L, be sure to choose a TOPIC and a colon : before your subject line

If using MORE than one topic, use a comma between the TOPICs and add a colon after the final topic.

(why all the fuss about commas and colons?)

Here is a list of typical topics on the list-
  Puppy chasing stock, HELP!
  Livestock dog guarding grain from sheep
  What to do about barking?
  Flea control and hot spots
  LGDs in Disney movies?
  Livestock dogs at August County Fair
  Puppy Miller closed down, dogs available
Legislation against LGDs?!
  I don't think I flogged this dead horse enough!

If you want to reach readers of STOCKGUARD topic, for example
The words in
RED need to be spelled correctly and followed by a colon.
This is because the listserver is very literal. It is like grammar.
You are basically writing computer code, when you make your subject line.

That's basically it!
If you need more help understanding TOPICs read on below!

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Livestock Guardian Dog List (LGD-L) is a forum about the concerns and issues of owners of LGDs. People send mail to the list to talk to about these dogs. Light banter--and other times serious topics subjects wax or wane, just as on any other list. If there is something you want to ask about, go ahead and post! No one knows what you want to talk about if you don't say anything. Be preared for people to be informative; some answers will be very circumspect, others may be rather blunt, some answers even a bit silly.

Sometimes there are several conversations going on at once. The list is organized so that each conversation or post comes with a TOPIC and a subject line that gives its category. This is NOT automatic unless one is repling to the mail messages. If starting a new thread or responding to something that needs a new topic, please insert the correct topic line into the subject line on your email program.

WHY we have TOPICS: If you find that the mail volume is too high to keep up with (it ebbs and flows) then you can remove some of the TOPICS from your mail. Some people have no interest in general banter so all they want to see is the STOCKGUARD postings, for example. Someone else might have an old pet, and only want to see the CHAT, GENERAL, and HEALTH issues. With all the email we have to go through each day, it really helps when you can just choose the topics you're interested in. And this is how it works.

If the mail load is still to heavy, we recommend that you go NOMAIL (vacation setting) for a while.

You can simply post and catch up with the list from the web server at:

How to select your topic:

Some persons who have sheep and goats will only get the STOCKGUARD topics, so they are not getting mail about dog shows and seminars. Other people have varying interests. One MUST use a category and then type a subject to send mail to the list so it get's stamped the right way.

CHAT: New member Intro

Above could be a suggested subject for yours, and it would go to everyone that is interested in CHAT. If you do not use a topic, it doesn't get a category and just gets dumped into the mail folder for the folks who are getting everything rather than a custom mailbox. That means that if you want to talk about a livestock dog and you send a post that says in the subject line

Questions about new puppy

instead of:

STOCKGUARD: Questions about new puppy

what happens is that most of the people who have their mailbox set only for STOCKGUARD mail will not see your questions. So it is important to always use topics.

The wisdom of this system is that if people start to go on in a thread (a topic line) about flea collars on pet dogs and you get sick of it, you can turn that mail off, or just delete it manually. If you have no interests in non LGD topics, you can turn off GENERAL. If you have no interest in DEBATE, you can turn that subject off, or back on periodically if there hasn't been a discussion that you have no interest in.

The archives are a great source of information. You can do keyword searches for stuff like fences, barking, lambs, -just about any topic- and the search engine will dig up all the old stuff so you don't have to feel like you are asking a 100 year old question. <g> The URL for archives is:

Topics have been categorized in the following areas:

ADMIN Administrative News and updates
STOCKGUARD About working LGDs with livestock, Training and farmchat
BEHAVIOR What makes the LGD, differences between breeds?
TRAINING "How to" for other than training to work with livestock
HEALTH For health, feeding, *breeding
CHAT General chat, companions and new pups, not about livestock,
EVENTS Shows, playdays, seminars and their discussion
RESCUE All Rescue Topics
GENERAL Subjects not directly related to LGDs
DEBATE A place for 'HOT' debates
LGDA Livestock Guardian Dog Association

Don't forget that OTHER is a topic as well but is actually the 'pan drippings' of unTOPICed postings. If you change your settings by substitution and deletion, you may need to specify OTHER in your settings if you want to be sure you get these.

Examples of things that are considered OTHER
What do I do? (this is not a topic that listserve sorts posting deliveries by)
HAELTH: Dog with allergy, help! (Misspelled)
CHAT/TRAINING: Jumping on sheep (Do not use slashes)

Discussion of Breeding topics should go to the nearest associated topic. If about HEALTH, this is where it should go. Breeding topics are expected to float from one area to the next because no responsible breeder isolates breeding from any of the categories. Also if a topic called Breeding is formed for LGD-L, many areas that others should be aware of will not get to them if they are not subbed with Breeding topics.


Instructions for changing settings.... You can write to the list owner for help, or you can set the topics on your own.
Step 1 and 2 can help if you want to do it on your own. Skip to STEP 2 if want the commands to send to the listserv.

You don't have to do anything if you WANT all the topics or if you are taking the digests or the archives only. .


If you want to customize your settings... Optionally: First find out what your settings are (if you have changed them once before, otherwise you should be getting ALL)


A message will come back --

Subscription options for "Oliver Jones" <>, list LGD-L:

MAIL You are sent individual postings as they are received
DUALHDR "Dual" mail headers with vital header information duplicated in the message body
REPRO You receive a copy of your own postings
NOACK No acknowledgement of successfully processed postings

The topics you subscribe to are: All

It will tell you what topics you have..(I have ALL) you can adjust them:



SET LGD-L TOPICS: ALL <- sets you on everything including OTHER
SET LGD-L TOPICS: -TRAINING -DEBATE <- removes these from your settings
SET LGD-L TOPICS: +CHAT -TRAINING <-adds one, removes the other

If you do not use a <+> <-> sign, the command REPLACES what you have:

SET LGD-L TOPICS: RESCUE <- this subject only comes to your mailbox
SET LGD-L TOPICS: CHAT,OTHER,STOCKGUARD <- none of the other stuff reaches you


NOTE: IF instead of MAIL the setting is DIGESTS you will have to send a command to SET LGD-L MAIL - before you set topics. As the server cannot set up TOPICS until you are SET to MAIL as follows:

topics you don't want>

Send any further questions about this list to list ownerFirst Page

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