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Anatolian Shepherd Dog Decals

Anatolian Shepherd Dog decal

Illustration 1

  • Illustration 1 shows the gold colored outline of the Anatolian decal decal applied where a dark background shows through.
  • The dark areas are cut-outs and will show whatever color and surfaces are in the background.
  • On a dark background, the cutouts - ears, muzzle, eyes, nose and sheep will be dark.
  • Decal design measures 6" (inches) square
    • Top to bottom: 6"
      - Top of dog head to bottom of sheep legs
    • Side to side: 6"
      - From edge of dog ear to edge of sheep ear
  • Sticky side is face up in Illustration 1 above
  • Both sides of decal are protected by white paper which peels off and assists placement of decal
  • The outline of the dog is done in flexible gold material.
  • Decals are $8- each. There is no quantity discount
Anatolian Shepherd Dog Decal on Car

Illustration 2
Decal on car window

  • Illustration 2 shows decal applied from inside of car window above
  • Dog will be facing to your left on the opposite side of a window.
Decal on colored background Decal on colored background
ASD decal on colored background Anatolian Shepherd Dog Decal on colored background

Illustration 3
Decal on colored surfaces

  • Illustration 3 - Reversing the decal allows sticky side to be placed onto tack boxes, lockers, refrigerators, enamel - any good smooth flat surface.
  • The color of the background will come through the cut out areas.
  • Dog will be facing to your right with the sticky side applied surfacewise.

These Anatolian Shepherd Dog decals are beautiful, unique and distinctive ways to let others know which breed of dog has your heart! They also make wonderful gift items.

1 to 6 decals - add an extra $2. for shipping
Any order over 6 decals, contact Audrey for shipping costs.

All profits from the sale of this item contribute to the Anatolian Shepherd Dog research fund.

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Two Ways to order:

If you
have questions on decal orders, including International orders, please email Caucasus@aol.com

Note: Orders outside of the USA - please email Audrey at caucasus@aol.com for shipping price before ordering. In 2022, shipping costs increased. Thank you.

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2 - by Mail Order (print and send the mail order form with your check or money order)

Anatolian Shepherd Dog Decal

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USA: Decals are $8.00 each  (price includes domestic S&H)

Make check or money order out to "ASDI"

Send order to:
Anatolian Decal Order
2310 Pony Farm Road
Maidens, VA 23102

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