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Books, Donations, Club fees. All can be paid for by using the Paypal link below.

Each book has a link that goes to its own information page where the book can be purchased with its own PayPal link.

If you have multiple orders, this PayPal page can be used to specify items of your order.

Rescue, Research or CCF sponsorship fund donations can be paid on this page. Current members can renew their fees here.

NOTE: If you are purchasing multiple items or making an INTERNATIONAL order, please order from this page or order by postal mail.

Note: Orders outside of the USA - please email ASDI at for shipping price before ordering. In 2022, shipping costs increased. Thank you.

  The PAYPAL button at the bottom of the page is to be used if you know your total amount. If you have questions, please write to Catherine.  

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Please use the calendar page to order Calendars

Links below include connections for SHOPPING at our website

If you haven't seen it, check out our Amazon Store!


- Item Info  Anatolian Shepherd Dog Decals page $8 (domestic orders)


- Item Info  Anatolian T-shirts page $18 (domestic orders)


- Item Info  See our Working Dog sign page
Signs are $21.00
for ONE (domestic orders includes domestic S&H)
See the sign page for multiples and International pricing details

BOOKS & Newsletters - Domestic orders (USA only) are postage paid  

- Item Info  Our Club's Anatolian Booklet $7.25 each (domestic orders)
discount on quantity orders-
$19 if you buy three

- Item Info  Our Club's Anatolian Newsletters and/or SPECIAL Puppy Issue

  1. SPECIAL PUPPY ISSUE - $5.00 USA  or get 5 for $20.00 USA.
      (NEW EDITION - This is the SAME Giant Puppy newsletter issue,
       NOW reprinted as a pamphlet without the original Newsletter Ads)
  2. Regular newsletters, when available: sample copies are $5 each

- Item Info  Livestock Protection Dogs Book $22.00 (domestic orders)

- Item Info  Leader of the Pack $13.00 (domestic orders)

International orders for Books
     PLEASE USE INTERNATIONAL conversion for fees at

Note: Orders outside of the USA - please email ASDI at for shipping price before ordering. In 2022, shipping costs increased. Thank you.

DONATIONS: (Domestic and International) Specify which project you are interested in donating to, and the amount that you wish to donate on the general Paypal form.
----- Three projects are available. See their status pages below.

- Item Info  CCF fund page donation (calculate your total)

- Item Info  Rescue donation page (calculate your total)

- Item Info  Research fund donation page (calculate your total)

Current Members only- PAYING DUES(renewals only)
"With renewal of membership, each member reaffirms his adherence to the club Constitution and By-Laws, and Code of Ethics."
MEMBERS: You MUST have a current membership form (link to fillable RENEWAL PDF) on file with us with your signature and current address.  ===You need Adobe Acrobat to  use PDF files===
- Dues for members in good standing $25.00
BREEDERS: COE renewals can be made here at the time that the membership dues are paid. (what is COE?) COE must also be in current and good standing. MEMBERSHIP is required, to have a breeder listing.
- COE $40.00 and membership renewal $25.00  (Total $65)
New members can join with this form

If you have more questions, please contact Catherine.

Thank you for your support!
ASDI, Inc. is a  502(C)4 Not-Profit organization.

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