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Registering your Anatolian

Registration forms for the Anatolian are breed specific. Go to the UKC's website for more information on Anatolian Shepherd Dog registration::

Or, you can call them at: (616) 343-9020.

Specify which forms you want.

  • Single registration of an Anatolian Shepherd is $35. Imported dogs or dogs from reigistries other than the Kennel Club (of England), the American Kennel Club, or Federation Cynologique International member registries must go through a special registration process that includes a physical inspection and/or videotape.

  • Single registered dogs must either have copies of the Orthopedic Foundation of America, the Institute for Genetic Disease Control, or Joint BVA/GSDL Hip Dysplasia Scheme certification of both of their parents attached to their application, or they must be certified free of hip dysplasia themselves (and a copy of this attached).

Both parents must be certified free of hip dysplasia before any litter registrations can be processed. Include copies of the parents' certification with your application.

A chart of comparitive scoring of international hip scoring schemes.

  • Temporary Listing Application: For those individuals who would like to try a UKC event without registering their dog. The owner may call UKC and receive a listing number over the telephone. Dogs must be registered within 60 days from the date points are earned at an event or they are lost

UKC works closely with the provisional breed Parent Club, Anatolian Shepherd Dogs International, Inc. (ASDI) to preserve and protect the Anatolian Shepherd breed. Here's some information on some of the benefits of United Kennel Club registration and continuing to register with UKC - for the breed, for its future, and you.

  • UKC upholds the ASDI registration policy of registering litters only from hip certified parents. (Litter registration)
  • UKC maintains an OPEN stud book. It permits healthy, new lines to be admitted at any time.
    • UKC registers all colors and varieties of Anatolians.
    • UKC registers import dogs, including those from Turkey.
  • Non-UKC registered dogs can be admitted if they are from hip certified parents or if they are hip certified themselves as individual dogs (Single registration).
  • Other Anatolians can apply for an LP (Limited Privilege - a limited registration) number to be able to compete in UKC activities other than Conformation.
  • UKC registration means that if you are a breeder using hip certified stock, your choice in breeding stock is not limited to only UKC registered stock because your pups are still registerable.
  • You can enjoy UKC events with your Anatolian and family.
    • Agility
    • Conformation - Note: No professional handlers at this family event.
    • Obedience

UKC Pedigrees

What is the Purple Ribbon Pedigree?
A Purple Ribbon 'PR' Bred Pedigree is offered by UKC for dogs with at least six generations of known ancestors with all 14 ancestors in the last 3 generations registered with the UKC. This is particularly meaningful with UKC registered Anatolians as a means of seeing 'depth' of hip soundness. Hip certification is a requirement for litter registration. All other dogs registered get a yellow certificate.

Pedigrees are marked as "inbred" if the mating was between mother to son, father to daughter, or brother to sister.

DNA typing and registration is also offered by UKC and DNA typed dogs will be marked on their pedigrees as such.

Different Types of U.K.C. Registration

There are several types of registration with the UKC for dogs

  • Purebred dogs with UKC registered ancestors

  • Purebred dogs coming in from other registries or sources.
    Note: These dogs and their immediate ancestors are not eligible for the 'PR' Pedigree.

  • Limited Privilege (LP) is the type of registration for neutered dogs of unknown or mixed parentage.

The last category is helpful to those who have an Anatolian whose breeding is unknown and desire to compete in Agility and Obedience Trials under the rules and regulations for these events. Dogs accepted for Limited Privilege MUST be spayed or neutered, cannot be wolf-hybrids and therefore will not enter the UKC gene pool. Mixed breed dogs including part-bred Anatolians can be registered as AMBOR in deference to the American Mixed Breed Obedience Regulations. AMBOR is the UKC, parent club for mixed breeds.

Litter Registration
This is the procedure used when both the sire and dam of a litter are UKC Registered Anatolians and if they are both hip certified.

Single registration
If you have an Anatolian that you want to have registered with the UKC, take a look at the Single Registration Policy (below), then contact the UKC Registrations Coordinator for the forms and further information.

Single Registration Policy and Proceedure

  1. Proof of the dog's background be it registration documents from another registry, importation papers, or a signed statement from the dog's breeder which must include the dog's the date of birth, parent's names, the dog's sex and date sold and the name of the person sold to.
  2. Copies of your dog's PARENT's hip certification documents.
    1. If copies of the certificates are unavailable, please forward their hip certification numbers and the name of the evaluating agency.


    1. A copy of your dog's hip certification from an approved agency.

At this time we recognize hip certification from any of the following agencies:

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA)
Acceptable Ratings - Excellent, Good and Fair
Joint BVA/GSDL Hip Dysplasia Scheme (BVA)
Acceptable Ratings - numerical rating of 0 - 7for each hip
The Institute for Genetic Disease Control (GDC)
Acceptable Rating - Excellent, Good, Acceptable and Normal
  1. Inspection Requirements:
    1. A 20 minute video tape of your dog which must show clearly: each side, the front and the rear views of the dog, video of the dog's head from all angles, a clear view of the dogs bite and teeth (a photo may be used if more accessible), if the dog is a male, both testicles and video of the dog involved in natural activities and in movement to and from the camera as well as from the side.


    1. The dog must be inspected and passed on by the inspector assigned by ASDI, IncTM. It is entirely the applicants responsibility to get the dog to the inspector. The inspector must signthe back of the application in the designated area.
      • The applicant will be given the following information:

        The nearest approved inspector is _______ who is located in _______ whose phone number is _______ .

  1. Please also enclose two checks
    • One check payable to Anatolian Shepherd Dogs International, Inc - $5.00 for members or $15.00 for non-members per dog,
    • Another check payable to United Kennel Club for $21.00 per dog.

To join ASDI
Fill out an application and send it to the club with the fees.


Other Related Information and Links

United Kennel Club: U.K.C. is the second oldest and largest registry in the U.S. Established in 1898 and registering 225,000 annually. UKC licenses over 8,000 fun, family oriented events each year. U.K.C. is the registry committed to the support of the Total Dog concept and strives to maintain working ability in every breed. U.K.C. encourages all buyers to purchase dogs from a reputable breeder - not pet stores and is one of the leading investigators of puppy mills.

The United Kennel Club Web Pages
The web site of the U.K.C.

UKC Events
Events of interest to Anatolian owners
a local ASDI page

*OFA Certification: Canine Hip Dysplasia is the most serious health problem in the Anatolian Shepherd Dog. It probably occurs in about one out of five Anatolians. One way to control this serious problem is to ascertain that dysplastic dogs are not used in breeding. Owners of perfectly healthy champion and/or working dogs have been surprised to learn that their dogs have fair, borderline or dysplastic hips. Ability to work, run and jump is no indication that the problem is not there. OFA is the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, and it will give a certificate to those dogs that have normal hips; minimum age for this certification is two years.

OFA website

For information on registering part-bred Anatolians

President: Linda Readman
PO Box 7841
Rockford, IL 61126

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